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Treasure Trove Alps

The rock crystal from our Alps looks like eternal ice. With this collection, we once again enter the treasure chamber of those mountains and create fresh pieces of jewellery from its sparkling treasures.

Posthaus Classic

This small, fine line is an ode to the goldsmith’s art. Simple, timeless designs like those that have been produced for centuries with only slight variations and that captivate with their clear formal language today as they have done for hundreds of years.

Ikonographie Tyrol

Originating from the Ostrogothic and Longobardic tribes south of the Alps in the 4th-8th century A.D.

The reliefs from the portals at Tyrol Castle give us a glimpse of Tyrol’s history.


About 280 million years ago lava flows and violent explosions formed one of the largest volcanic areas in the world. Between the glowing lava blocks hot water created a special stone now found, millions of years later, in the „Naif-valley“ above Merano. It consists of the elements silicon, oxygen and traces of iron and is assigned to the family of jasper. Its red-fiery veins in a rich green matrix make it a unique gemstone.